Heidi DevlinHeidi Devlin

Heidi Devlin is one of our IP Coordinators.

She joined us with over 15 years of IP prosecution experience.  She has worked directly with Canadian and US patent and industrial design filings, supporting the smallest to the largest and most internationally-respected Canadian technology companies and with portfolios from single filings to several thousand applications and issued patents. She has supervised the preparation and filing of PCT applications, national and regional phase entries, and validations in 38 countries.

Heidi stepped in to the fray early in Vanguard IP's drive to affirm and ensure the strictest standards of client service.  We knew only the most battle-tested staff could help us to deliver the kind of timely, efficient, and solutions-oriented advice and actions that woud help our clients navigate the complex web of international and national patent laws, regulations, and practice.  Heidi continues to learn and adapt as laws change and has an appreciation for the different strategies that drive the pace and direction of prosecution in different industries, and for companies of different sizes and financial means. 

Prior to joining Vanguard IP, Heidi held the title of Senior Patent Paralegal in a multi-practice, national law firm from 2007 until 2016.  From 2001 to 2007, she worked as a Patent Assistant at a smaller Vancouver-area boutique intellectual property firm.  

When Heidi is not on the clock, she enjoys entertaining and socializing with friends and family and taking long leisurely strolls with her family and their beloved dogs. Some of her hobbies and interests include interior design, furniture refinishing, joinery, carpentry, fashion, and photography.

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