We are growing.

With over twenty direct clients in Vancouver, from solo inventors to research teams at major research institutions and universities, we currently handle over 85 patent families in as many as 60 countries.  We also represent foreign patent agencies, law firms, and large companies in support of their patent portfolios in Canada, from initial national entries and prosecution support through to issuance and maintenance for the life of the patent.

The founding team of Alaka Chatterjee and Rand Chatterjee was supported early on by solo practitioner Susan Tees. We were then exceedingly lucky to be able to hire Heidi Devlin, a senior patent paralegal with 15 years of experience who joined us a few months after our founding. She was followed quickly thereafter by Nicole Gade, who has similarly broad patent paralegal and prosecution management experience. 

Building the best team of experienced, dedicated and client-focussed IP professionals is our primary mission, in parallel with setting up secure, resilent, and distributed IT systems to enable our team to work from anywhere at anytime.  Everyone at Vanguard works directly with our clients in providing unparalleled, efficient, and cost-sensitive service.  We make this possible through continuous training, best-in-class software tools, and ready access to all necessary information and practice knowledge.

Our partnership is an intentionally flat structure of collaborative teams working together for one "boss": the client.  We are all dedicated to continuous learning from each other in order to serve our clients as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Innovation, both internally and from our clients, depends on a shared focus and respectful collaboration as peers.  Our clients deserve no less.

Join us as we revolutionize IP prosecution in Canada and the world.